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Welcome prospective students, current students, faculty and staff.

MYWC has been updated, and has more updates to come. Keep an eye out for changes and announcements on this page, including a brand new Campus Calendar!

Office 365 Launch

Westminster College just implemented Microsoft Office365 for all users, what does this mean for you?
  • More Storage: You now have 50GB of storage on your email, and 1TB of cloud document storage via OneDrive.
  • Online Document Sharing & Editing using OneDrive: Share your documents with your professors, collaborate live with your classmates on papers and projects.
  • Microsoft Office for FREE! On up to 5 devices, login to your Office365 account and your documents automatically sync from your OneDrive
  • Increased Security & Spam Filtering: Check your junk mail regularly, as the increased security may also cause more valid emails to go into your junk folder.
Login to MYWC and click the following link to checkout the new features offered in Office 365
Welcome Moodle Course Mangement

Your online learning management system for enhanced classroom activity. Find your syllabus, turn in papers, and explore course resources using Moodle.


TaskStream Electronic Portfolio Service

Taskstream is an electronic portfolio service that allows students to archive and curate their experiences while at Westminster. Within the system, you can share different folios, submit work to classes, and demonstrate how your different learning experiences at Westminster fit together as part of a whole. In addition, Taskstream also allows you to connect with mentors, both academic and alumni.