Fall 2024 Information

Courses are now available for Fall 2024!

Academic Advising is now open. Please schedule an advising appointment with your primary advisor. If you would like a degree audit, please contact the Registrar, Veronica Ballard. 

If you have a Business Office hold, you will NOT be able to register for courses. Please call the Business office (573)592-5230 to resolve your account issue.

Fall 24 Breakthrough Themes

Fall 2024 Lifetime Leadership Skills

Fall 2024 Exploration Courses

Fall 2024 Tentative Online Course Offerings

Spring 2024 Tentative Course Offerings - Coming soon




Students will enter their classes through the MYWC Web Module. Students should meet with their advisors during the designated time above and complete a tentative schedule. If you are unable to contact your advisor during your designated registration time, please contact the Registrar’s Office. 


Note: Repeated courses or courses added that will result in an overload (over 19 credit hours) must be approved in advance. 


1. Please check to make certain that you have all required prerequisites before entering your classes. You will not be permitted to register for courses in which you have not completed the required prerequisite. Permission of the instructor for a required prerequisite must be requested as a course authorization.


2. During the preregistration period, enrollment figures are available on the WEB module. Students will not be permitted to enroll in closed classes unless they submit a request to the professor to be added to the waitlist and the professor approves a course authorization. 


3. Independent Study courses (398) and Internships (399) are available in most departments. Students who intend to enroll for an Internship will need the prior permission of the supervising instructor and will need to complete the appropriate forms through the Internship Office. Students who intend to complete an Independent Study or an Independent Course should request that the course be added via electronic form by the instructor of the course. 


 4. All courses with special course fees will be noted on MYWC with a link to the Westminster website. Fees for Private Music Lessons will be prorated if the student drops before census date but must be paid in full if the student drops or withdraws after census date. All other special course fees must be paid in full if the student attends class after census date. It is our goal to serve the students and faculty and we welcome any comments or suggestions that you might have regarding the on-line registration process. Please contact the Registrar’s Office at ext. 5213 or e-mail: Veronica.Ballard@westminster-mo.edu with your comments or suggestions. All Fall 2024 courses will be available for registration with the exception of grading periods at the end of term. 


Note: Students who are currently on a registration hold, and are not current with an approved payment plan, WILL NOT be permitted to register for next semester. If a student has a balance, is on a payment plan, and is current with that payment plan, then the student will be able to register for spring semester classes regardless of the amount of the balance on their account. If the student falters post-registration and is no longer in good standing regarding their payment plan, then the student could be removed from their fall semester classes. Please contact the Business Office immediately if you are currently on a financial registration “hold”. Students should check MYWC prior to their registration access time to determine if there is a hold on their registration.


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Fall 2024 Registration

Academic Advising for all students will begin on February 5.


Registration Access Begins

Seniors (88 hours or more*)

11:00 a.m., Thursday, February 29

Juniors (57-87 hours*)

11:00 a.m., Tuesday, March 5

Sophomores (27-56 hours*)

11:00 a.m., Tuesday, March 7

Freshmen (0-26 hours*)

11:00 a.m., Tuesday, March 12

Spring Break

March 25-29



*Cumulative hours at the end of Fall 2023.